We provide most services normally available in a medical centre.

Emergencies - chest infections, abdominal pain, etc.

Routine medical care - e.g. Diabetes review, blood pressure monitoring, etc.

Preventative medicine - Blood testing such as: blood profiles, cholesterol checks. Annual physical check-ups, travel and childhood vaccinations, influenza vaccination, confidential sexually transmitted disease testing, postnatal care, verruca removals, etc.

Wound management - Wound dressing, post operative care, suturing simple wounds, removal of sutures, etc.

The main advantage is that there is no need to wait in a doctor's office. We come to you.

1 - Avoid the need to take time off work or school.
2 - If too unwell to visit a doctor's office.
3 - Avoid exposure to other sick people in waiting rooms.
4 - More than one patient can be seen on one visit.
5 - Privacy and confidentiality assured.
6 - Elderly care.
7 - Convenient service for patients with disabilities and mobility problems.

Consultation can be requested for a time suitable for you. We can provide continuity of care by the same doctor. Most of our practitioners are bilingual.

Our services can be used by children and adults alike even if you are seeing another regular doctor.